Why Does Dave Ramsey Say Cash Is King? I Thought Jesus was King?

why does Dave Ramsey say cash is king if Jesus is King

Dear Dave – I heard you tackle this a bit ago…a criticism about the phrase “cash is king”.  I think your critics are actually people who don’t listen to you much ( or probably to anyone very much).  The comment in question was critical of you because they believed in saying “cash is king” you were denying the place Jesus is actually to play in one’s life.

When you say “cash is king” you offend people, including a lot of Jesus’ followers.  What you are saying is that for most of the world, including way too many in the Christian world, the assumption is that debt is not only “normal” it’s not a problem of a moral nature.  But it is. Continue reading “Why Does Dave Ramsey Say Cash Is King? I Thought Jesus was King?”

Dear Dave: About those critics

dave ramsey, debt, critics, personal finance, money

Dave — I heard a podcast the other day where you talked to your critics. Personally, I wouldn’t give them the pleasure of your attention. Twitter trolls thrive on the attention.

But I think I understand why you respond to them as you do. I don’t think it’s because you are fearful they will slow down the impact of all things Dave Ramsey. You are not that small and your influence only grow. Continue reading “Dear Dave: About those critics”