Turn an Emergency into an Annoyance? What Dave Ramsey says is crazy…

turn an emergency into an annoyance

Dave – You say, the way to turn an emergency into an annoyance is not to have debt and have cash. One thing I am coming to learn as I work through the Baby Steps is that having an emergency fund turns a dumpster fire into a mere spark.  You are crazy smart on this.

In the past, when I wasn’t paying attention to where our money was going, I would have a huge sense of panic every time some minor thing broke, be it the car or the house or something in the house.

That’s a good word – one other people probably need to hear too.

Having cash and no debt is the way to turn an emergency into an annoyance.

It’s common sense, but we don’t live in an era that has much of that.

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Dear Dave: You Can Be Really Sensitive (in a good way)

Dave — I am sometimes in awe of just how sensitive you can be.

I bet you don’t hear that too much. My guess is people who communicate with you can be quick to point out how harsh you seem to them.  But I don’t think that’s fair, Dave.

They simply don’t listen to you enough. Because if we listen to you long enough, listeners will hear that call that comes in from the wife who just lost her husband or the parent who recently lost a child.

You deal with grieving people with amazing sensitivity. Continue reading “Dear Dave: You Can Be Really Sensitive (in a good way)”