Making Your Money Behave: Every Dollar Rocks!

Every dollar by Dave Ramsey makes budgeting easy

Dave – If keeping track of your money is important to get out of debt and to stay out of debt and build wealth, one thing you have to start doing his budgeting. Making your money behave is easier than ever when you use the free budgeting tool you’ve made available called Every Dollar. — Thad

This may not sound like much fun, but for math nerds or people who just are interested in keeping track of where the money’s going or where it should be going, it’s actually pretty easy.

You don’t have to have an app but Dave Ramsey and his crew have made it super easy to budget using their free app Every Dollar.

With Every Dollar, you can create a budget in about 10 minutes or 15 minutes worth of time, and then be able to track your spending based on the budget that you actually prepare. Preparing ahead of time to think about where your money’s going to be going is actually at the heart of succeeding with money, staying out of debt, and actually building wealth. 

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Keeping Track Of Your Spending: Make It Easy

keeping track of your spending

The most challenging part of making money work for you is actually keeping track of your spending.  We live in a world that screams to make things easy, but the truth is that when things are too easy, we get lazy, we stop paying attention, and we lose track.

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Changing Money Behavior: That’s the Key to Living Debt Free!

change money behavior

Dave – Changing money behavior is the most important step, isn’t it?

You talk about lots of things on the Dave Ramsey Show, but the part that you always talk about as being most critical to getting out of debt is changing money behavior.

For people not familiar with your plan it is easy to think that the way to get out of debt is to lower an interest payment. I cannot tell you how many offers show up in my mailbox offering to lower an interest rate. And there are tons and tons of offers to consolidate debt.

Dave you are so right: It’s so easy to think you are doing something to get out of debt when you simply consolidate debt. But it never works.

Consolidating debt is not the same as changing money behavior. It’s really more like rearranging the deck chairs….on the Titanic.

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