Dear Dave: About those critics

Dave — I heard a podcast the other day where you talked to your critics. Personally, I wouldn’t give them the pleasure of your attention. Twitter trolls thrive on the attention.

But I think I understand why you respond to them as you do. I don’t think it’s because you are fearful they will slow down the impact of all things Dave Ramsey. You are not that small and your influence only grow.

No, I’m convinced you respond as you do because someone somewhere who is overwhelmed by money might not hear your message because of the naysayers.

Worse still, many of your critics are also Jesus followers, and they don’t understand the hopelessness that people crushed by debt feel nor how much hope they can receive from getting help with their money fears. Jesus never added woe to the hopeless, but He certainly did for the self-righteous.

Don’t let the trolls get you down, Dave. Set your face on the great big “Why” of helping people out of their money pits. And know that by helping them find financial peace, they are more likely to hear of the Prince of Peace.

Until later,


What about you?  What would you write to Dave about those critics?  Why not share below in the comments.


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