Dear Dave: It was a surreal honor to visit Ramsey Solutions

Dear Dave,

A couple of weeks ago I was on a sales trip through Tennessee, and wound up with a last minute hole in my schedule.  I did manage to fill a lunch appointment in Brentwood, but had some unexpected time on my hands.


So, I did what any good Dave Ramsey listener/fan would do:  I dropped by the lobby of Ramsey Solutions to view the show.

It was a blast.


But a blast.

You may wonder why it felt surreal?  I’ve listened to you pretty much daily (at least five days a week), first on Apple Podcast, and now exclusively on your iPhone app, during my commute.  I also check out the You Tube channel fairly frequently.

To actually be there, to see Kelly, to meet Melissa and George.  To be offered a free latte (it was great!) and a free baked good was awesome.  THAT was surreal.  

To shake your hand and have you sign the copy of Love Your Life Not Theirs which I bought for my daughter, THAT was surreal.

What was awesome however was how utterly genuine every one was.  How kind. How totally consistent with your mission to help ordinary people win with their finances.

You have an amazing impact on people through your various channels, but a visit to your studio was icing on the cake.

Thanks for all you and your team do to change lives.



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