Dear Dave: Why Letters To Dave Ramsey?

My family has a relationship with you, Dave Ramsey.

No, we don’t know you (at least personally), and you don’t know us (at all). But we know you because I have started talking about you at just about every single meal.

Or vacation.
Or outing.

I don’t require they listen to you.

My wife gets periodic doses of your podcast when she pops into where I’m getting ready to go to work. I don’t force her to listen to you as we drive. She’d probably rebel at that.

I do think my SIL listens to you, but I’m not sure if it is via Sirius XM or the podcast. She certainly is aware of you. To my knowledge, none of the family has gone through Financial Peace University.

So, why start writing letters to, you, Dave Ramsey?

First, I cannot think of someone who has had as much impact on us concerning as this bald guy from East Tennesee. In just over a year of listening to the Dave Ramsey show podcast (I rarely listen or see you live), our family’s finances have gone from fearful to hopeful. In one year.

Dave, you don’t want something from us. Oh, you are happy to sell us something (books, classes, seminars), but you give away virtually all of your content for nothing if people will just listen to you or watch you (on YouTube). And for many who are able to get through as a caller, you give away a lot of stuff.

There have been lots of people who want something from me, Dave, or from my family. Banks want us. Credit card companies want us. Magazines want us. Auto shops want us. Car companies want us. Amazon has us.

Banks want our kids from age 17. Colleges want them too. Credit cards want them. It’s a dangerous world full of promises of pleasure without mentioning the pain. Just listen to all the young adults (and, scarily, old adults too) who have bought into the lie of student debt not realizing they are enslaved (the borrower is a slave to the lender).

It’s a dangerous world full of promises of pleasure without mentioning the pain.

Why write Dave Ramsey? Because I cannot get you on the phone when I want you. Nor can I get on your radio show at will. But I have questions or ideas that listening to your show prompts in my mind. Writing them out helps me, and maybe they will help others.  I doubt they will help you, Dave, but that’s okay.

Why write Dave? Because like you say I want to change my family tree. I’m not as young as I was in the 90s our family got started in our careers (we were married the 80s, but were in grad school), but the decisions we make now have much impact on the future for my family.

I’ve made mistakes with money, and just about every time I listen to you Dave I hear something that makes me wonder why I did that, why I forgot that lesson I learned in the 90s (about the time you were getting going).

Letters to Dave Ramsey is reflections on what you challenge me to do differently in terms of money.

Why write Dave? Because you are one of the few voices saying that delaying gratification is actually a better way to live life and handle money than spending everything you earn (usually before you earn it).

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