Dear Dave: You Can Be Really Sensitive (in a good way)

Dave — I am sometimes in awe of just how sensitive you can be.

I bet you don’t hear that too much. My guess is people who communicate with you can be quick to point out how harsh you seem to them.  But I don’t think that’s fair, Dave.

They simply don’t listen to you enough. Because if we listen to you long enough, listeners will hear that call that comes in from the wife who just lost her husband or the parent who recently lost a child.

You deal with grieving people with amazing sensitivity. Continue reading “Dear Dave: You Can Be Really Sensitive (in a good way)”

Dear Dave: When I Got Started With Car Stupid

Letters to Dave Ramsey on car stupid debt

Dear Dave,

In my very first letter to you, I mentioned that my dumb money decisions weren’t things I started early in life.  Actually, early in life, I didn’t make that many.  Well, I did buy a whole life policy, but I got out of that after 4 or 5 years of dumb.  And I did finance a new car in 1988, but I did get myself sorted out pretty well once I dove into my career in ministry (my wife and I were missionaries for almost 20 years).

Living overseas on limited income has a way of trimming your stupid, at least for a while.

Fast forward from the early 90s to mid-2000s.  By this time we have a child and have purchased a home for my mother-in-law to live in (early 2000s), even as we continue to serve as missionaries.  We come home to Texas to live for a year of stateside assignment, living with my MIL.  During that year we learn that she has Alzheimer Disease,  and with incredibly heavy hearts we are prevented from returning to East Asia where we believed we would serve God for the remainder of our careers.

We were devastated.   And unemployed.  And no money really at the ready to weather such a storm. Continue reading “Dear Dave: When I Got Started With Car Stupid”

Dear Dave: About That Foreign Earned Income

Dear Dave,

A few couple of weeks ago you were talking with a young 24-year-old about to leave the military but was considering going back to Afghanistan as a civilian contractor air traffic controller. The question about taxable or non-taxable income came up, and you mentioned that the guy should check with his tax advisor about taxes on foreign earned income.

Dave, when a US citizen earns money in a foreign country, they can exclude the first $104,100 (for 2018) from their US taxes. When we lived overseas (which we did for 20 years as missionaries), we never had to pay taxes on those earnings.  The exclusion is inflation adjusted, so it goes up over time. Continue reading “Dear Dave: About That Foreign Earned Income”

Dear Dave: About those critics

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Dave — I heard a podcast the other day where you talked to your critics. Personally, I wouldn’t give them the pleasure of your attention. Twitter trolls thrive on the attention.

But I think I understand why you respond to them as you do. I don’t think it’s because you are fearful they will slow down the impact of all things Dave Ramsey. You are not that small and your influence only grow. Continue reading “Dear Dave: About those critics”

Dear Dave: Why Letters To Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey helps normal people with money

My family has a relationship with you, Dave Ramsey.

No, we don’t know you (at least personally), and you don’t know us (at all). But we know you because I have started talking about you at just about every single meal.

Or vacation.
Or outing.

I don’t require they listen to you.

My wife gets periodic doses of your podcast when she pops into where I’m getting ready to go to work. I don’t force her to listen to you as we drive. She’d probably rebel at that. Continue reading “Dear Dave: Why Letters To Dave Ramsey?”