Why Does Dave Ramsey Say Cash Is King? I Thought Jesus was King?

Dear Dave – I heard you tackle this a bit ago…a criticism about the phrase “cash is king”.  I think your critics are actually people who don’t listen to you much ( or probably to anyone very much).  The comment in question was critical of you because they believed in saying “cash is king” you were denying the place Jesus is actually to play in one’s life.

When you say “cash is king” you offend people, including a lot of Jesus’ followers.  What you are saying is that for most of the world, including way too many in the Christian world, the assumption is that debt is not only “normal” it’s not a problem of a moral nature.  But it is.

Debt is the silent drug of choice of too many Christians.

I think that’s the reason the phrase “cash is king” catches people off guard.  It makes them have to confront that they are indeed dumb…but they don’t understand why they are dumb.

debt should not be king

I’ve noticed that for most Americans, the assumption of debt is that it will always be with us.  People seem to believe that you cannot live without having debt pile up.  What they are doing is giving in to the need for immediate gratification, and so they forgo cash in favor of stuff.  Yet one cannot smugly say “it’s not all about money” as I have heard some say, and then borrow your way into mountains of debt, forgetting that debt is actually all about money (money they don’t have).

Too many people have no problem with debt as their king.  Many Christians almost act as if debt itself is good (in practice if not professed belief) because debt leads them to be poor in actual fact.

Cash is king as a whipsaw

The idea that “cash is king” whipsaws them into reality. Their failure to delay gratification, to have it all now (consumer debt), to “invest in themselves” (student loan debt), to have a new car every year (the car “fleece”), is all actually about their lack of faith that God will provide.

You simply cannot say “God will provide” and then let Visa do the providing and have much understanding of the Bible.

When you tell us, Dave, that “cash is king”, you are making us confront our situation, making us realize that maybe we’ve actually been storing up treasure on earth (where moth and rust destroy) rather than in heaven.

You simply cannot scream about your piety while enabling credit card companies to steal your prosperity.  It’s mutually exclusive.




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